Bike Shop Girl | Preview: Ergon PC2 Pedals
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Preview: Ergon PC2 Pedals

Ergon PC2 Pedal Preview

Preview: Ergon PC2 Pedals

Pedals on a commuter are always an interesting dance.

Platform, clipless, toe clips, and then which brand/level? For my around town getter I try to keep platforms on year around to be able to hop on and just GO! The bike I keep at my office in Uptown Charlotte is this type of bike. Originally with BMX style platform pedals, $10 Wellgo pedals, they did well as a pedal but only when I had soft bottom shoes on. When I had dress shoes or some sort of heal the pedal’s “spikes” didn’t grab and became very slippery when wet.

Ergon PC2 Pedal Preview

Ergon PC2 Pedals

For 2011 I am on the Ergon Commuter Team where we are testing out their new products and talking bike commute goodness! In July I was sent a pair of their new PC2 pedals to give a spin and give feedback on. While this isn’t going to be a full review I did want to preview them and give my initial thoughts.

Details from Ergon on the PC2 Pedal

  • Developed composite by Magura (the brake and fork company)
  • Inner foot stop to keep correct foot positioning on the pedal
  • Ultra narrow q-factor
  • Integrated reflectors
  • Anatomically contoured platform, 6º angle for better joint alignment, knee angle correction
  • Maintenance free polymear bearings
  • 3M-SafetyWalk™ creates a slip free platform
  • MSRP $69.99

Initial Thoughts of the Ergon PC2

The PC2’s remind me of beach cruiser pedals with the sand paper feel on each side. This works very well and no matter the shoe so far, they hold a grip.

The pedals are size specific, I’m on a small pedal but at the maximum shoe size with a euro 42 shoe. Two of these pedals do feel very large in your hand, but once on the bike they feel supportive under feet and keep traction between your shoe and drivetrain.

After a handful of rides I am really enjoying these pedals. With an MSRP of $70 I hope they continue to impress me and provide a good alternative to BMX pedals and clipless for commuters!

  • lowrah
    Posted at 14:28h, 12 August Reply

    I have Time All Road pedals, platform on one side, clipless on the other side. It works okay, except that the clipless side is usually in the “up” position, which is kind of a literal pain when I start out with soft-bottom shoes.

    For those of us that ride fixie in heels, could you put toe straps on those Ergon pedals? I do like the grip tape on those pedals. Heels usually have such slippery surfaces…

    • Bike Shop Girl
      Posted at 22:31h, 19 August

      Lowrah – going to try in the morning the toe strap question…

      fixed in heels, i want photos!

  • Tom Armstrong
    Posted at 10:53h, 11 October Reply

    I’m a “teammate” on the Commuter Team.

    I’ve been using my Ergon pedals on my short-distance errands bike (under ten or twelve miles round-trip), often riding the bike wearing Vibram Five-Finger shoes (my favorite off-the-bike footwear). They are great for this. My wife has a pair of the Ergon pedals on her get-to-work bike, and often rides in heels or other office footwear without problems.

    They are great pedals for their purpose, but I don’t know that straps would work. There is no provision for them. I suppose if one were really determined, enough supportive hardware could be installed to use toe straps, but I’ve not found them necessary (of course, I am not the one to answer the “fixie in heels” issue, since I don’t wear heels nor ride fixed gear).

    Best results!

  • Jeff at Ergon USA
    Posted at 10:58h, 11 October Reply

    These pedals will not allow for toe straps. The design and concept of this pedal system is so there is no need for straps or clips.

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