Improvement Continues to Fuel the Fire

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Last week I posted about the first cyclocross practice of the season. How painful it was to feel so slow, and how I really needed to give myself a head check on where I have been to where I am going.

The past 2 weeks I really have been putting forth effort into a consistent workout regimen. Tracking and plotting on Bike riding, jogging and today started back with weight lifting. Goals of cyclocross racing ring in my head, but more than that leading into the 2012 season as injury and worry free. Planned days of active recovery, or general days off that mirror days with family.

Today at lunch I decided to hit up the gym for some basic weights and to weigh in. While I normally weigh in the same time in the mornings, I hadn’t weighed in for over 3 months (I got depressed back in April) and was shocked and surprised today for what I saw.

159 lbs

The last time I looked at the scale I was at 169 (April), earlier in the I was around 180 but I was frustrated and decided to give up on the live. Boy, am I glad I did so but I am glad I did a mental check today of my progress. There hasn’t been any dieting or active “focused” eating since March and all I’ve been doing is being more aware with what goes in my mouth compared to what type of activity is going on in my life.

I can tell you that seeing the scale today will make it more motivating to wake up early and hit the gym tomorrow morning before work!

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