We All Need Ego Checks

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ego check

It seemed like a good idea the night before, going for a mountain bike ride on the Fourth of July. Our plans were a bit foiled when we slept in, and then believed it rained over night (our trails don’t allow for mountain biking 24 hours after rain showers.) We putzed around the house a bit, drank some coffee and finally loaded the bikes on the car around 1:15pm. Did I mention it is about 94º out?

An Ego and Mental Check

As riders and cyclist, we like to push ourselves. With that you become very competitive and sometimes put the blinders on when you are on the bike. The “fun blinders.” For the past 3 months I’ve had these blinders on strong. Getting annoyed if my ride is cut short, or crappy.

When you take a beginner or kids for a bike ride you’re blinders come off, you see the trail and riding as something completely different. Heart rate monitors, speeds, expensive suspension and all those “do-dad’s” are thrown to the wind. Taking photos of smiles, “extreme” drops, and trying new things are all that matters.

Take a Step Back

No matter if you are a cyclist in a hardcore cycling season, or someone that recently picked up a bike, do yourself a favor. Do yourself and the bicycling culture a favor. Join a group ride, lead the beginners, start a kids mountain bike ride, start a coffee ride, or do something like a tech clinic to teach basic bike repair.

We are all here for the right reasons, we love bikes. Try to promote that more, even if you are already – I thank you and encourage you to keep going!

3 Comments on “We All Need Ego Checks”

  1. Arleigh, Jim and i went on an epic 64 miles everywhere around our area. We left at 130pm and got home at 1107pm. We had a great time and even found some PBR’s along the way. Good Times

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