2012 Cannondale Bad Girl
Another sneak peak into the new bikes for 2012. This time it is an urban Cannondale Bad Girl, the newest bike from Cannondale and the sister to their long time Bad Boy. The commuter and random alley hunting, urban lover, in me is jumping up and down to share this with you!

2012 Cannondale Bad Girl

Available in 3 models, (1, 2, 3) and two sizes “small” or “tall”.

Cannondale had this to say about the new Bad Girl

Sophistipunk.  Urban mobility with attitude, sleek and stylish with a street scrapper’s heart yet nimble and fun handling, with a “heads-up” riding position.  Bad Girl’s unique frame design combines a kickass silhouette with great standover clearance.  Couture inspired artwork ensures that, punk show or premiere, you arrive in style.

Cannondale Bad Girl 1 $1670

2012 Cannondale Bad Girl

The frame mimics that of the old school “Delta-V” mountain bikes. The Bad Girl 1 also has the Cannondale Lefty Headshok, with new OPI (one piece integration) fork The drivetrain is a good mix of Shimano Deore/SLX, with Magura Hyraulic disc brakes. Rip up the streets or commute in style, this bike takes the fitness hybrid and commuter to another level.

2012 Cannondale Bad Girl 2 $1100

2012 Cannondale Bad Girl 2
Everything from the Bad Girl 1 but with a little less parts. The same frame, different fork and downgrading the drivetrain. Still hitting the right price point and hydraulic disc brakes!

2012 Cannondale Bad Girl 3 $800

2012 Cannondale Bad Girl 3

Again, the same frame but with 8 speeds in the back (instead of 9) and more basic mechanical disc brakes. This is the budget friendly, go to commuter rig for ladies!


  1. Yawn. One more line of “urban” bikes that are just MTB w/ slicks– about as new as the 1990s. Hard to believe this company paid for the innovate Dutchess prototype that has never seen production and came up with this instead.

    If I see one more bike that can’t take fenders or carry anything called urban from the bike industry, I think I’m going to puke. I seriously question whether these designers every actually lived life on a bike. Cannondale should make this a real mountain bike instead and go back to the drawing board on urban bikes.

    • Elliott –

      The Cannondale Bad Boys from back in the day when I worked on them had ability for rear rack and fenders. They were some of the first heavy duty urban bikes with a more upright fit than a mountain bike, higher gearing and again, mounts for fenders and racks.

  2. Hey, I’m not yawning on that bike. I’m a proud owner of a 95 Cannondale Killer V900 which has a similar frame and I haven’t ridden a better bike yet. I’ve custom upgraded my bike and I seriously hope that Cannondale will make another similiar design for men in the future. You still find full suspension bikes based on the design

  3. As a happy owner of a Hooligan 8, I would walk in to the Cannondale LBS and order a Bad Girl in heartbeat (wanting something for longer distances, for hauling with panniers). Except for one little thing: Cannondale calls the bike Bad Girl and paints that name on the down tube. I’m a normal jerk guy. I know I can’t do anything about Cannondale and its timid marketing, but seriously how do I remove that “Bad Girl” logo from the bike? Black electrical tape? Powder coat just that logo area? (no one but my dealer would know for sure). Please advise!

  4. Can this bike be modified so that I can use it for mountain biking? Maybe with a different set of tires? Seriously considering getting this bike but not sure it can handle the rigors of mountain biking

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