Win a Bike Light – Motivational Monday with Lisa Cramton

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Lisa Cramton on a single speed

Light & Motion Motivational Monday

This month’s Motivational Monday posts are brought to you by one of my personal favorites, Light & Motion. Between now and the end of June, Light & Motion wants to know who or what in the cycling community motivates  you. All you have to do us leave a comment here or on Light & Motions’ Facebook page. At the end of the month we’ll be choosing one lucky winner to score a brand new VIS 360 commuter light!

Lisa Cramton on a single speed

What’s your name and location?

Lisa Cramton, recent transplant to Phoenix via Laguna Beach, CA and Crested Butte, CO all within the last 11 months!

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

All kinds, but if I had to pick one…. My Niner Air 9 Carbon SingleSpeed. What doesn’t kill you makes you faster!

What is your first cycling memory?

Riding my bike around the block singing at the top of my lungs (in the deepest gravely voice I could find) “Jeremiah was a bullfrog… Was a good friend of mine…” I wish I had that on film.

Who in the current cycling industry inspires you, and better yet WHY?

SO MANY!! Without a doubt, a man I have known for 20+ yrs, Dave Wiens because of his humility, love of the sport and dedication to getting more people involved. He’s the man!! Doug Bradbury,father of mtn bike suspension, for most of the same reasons! The folks at the back of the pack always inspire me. The peeps out on the Tour Divide, I can’t stop watching!! Check it out here, isn’t it OBVIOUS?? Ned O, will he ever quit racing? I hope not!! Pro rider Jenny Smith, she gives back so much… Any pro that goes to a trail work day… I could go on…

What was your best moment on a bike in 2010?

Either SS Worlds in New Zealand (pic) or my last ride in Crested Butte before we moved to LA, Reno Flag Bear Deadmans, one of the best rides in the universe. I cried most of the way… I miss the riding there SO MUCH!!

In the next year, what are your goals with cycling and pushing yourself forward in 2011? RIDE MORE… Hmm… There are a few goals I have… Because we have moved 3x in the past year I have gotten out of volunteering for trail work, I spent a summer working on the IMBA Trail Care Crew and LOVE diggin’ in the dirt! Being in the industry and pushing the drug we call cycling, I think it’s pretty important to give back whether it’s by volunteering at an event, course marshaling at a race,, doing trail work, taking kids riding, whatever you can find to give back, DO IT!
I also want to find a way to do customer service clinics at shops, especially for women. Show women that they can be comfortable helping guys in bike shops, that they know how to answer the technical questions, show them how to approach/talk to “dudes”. The ladies don’t have to be there just to clean the bathrooms, sell bike tubes and tidy the clothing section! I found working at crankbrothers that people have a tendency to be super defensive when asking questions or talking about warranty stuff, especially to a woman and it doesn’t have to be that way. I also want to go into shops and show the shop rats that they will get much better results calling the bike vendors not ready to rumble! The bike companies want to help you not bum you out. AND…! JRA is NOT covered under warranty, ’cause there’s always more to the story!!

Wanna Know About my Bikes?

I JUST sold a GF SS Superfly as well as a geared one (I never rode it other then La Ruta ’08), I have a Niner SIR frame I want to build up 1×9, a Niner Air 9 Carbon SS (my main squeeze), an older Lemond road bike, a Felt Breed SS CX (makes for an excellent commuter), an Electra 3sp tandem with flames on the fenders for dates, my first road bike (’85?) a Raleigh Racing Comp, a 60’s era Schwinn Typhoon and an old skip tooth Firestone Pilot with a ’54 Gunnison bike plate on it!

6 Comments on “Win a Bike Light – Motivational Monday with Lisa Cramton”

  1. I’m motivated by my friend Yvette who commutes via bike everywhere. She stays in shape for the trails by riding the back allies of Memphis. Now THAT is a rough trail!

  2. “Show women that they can be comfortable helping guys in bike shops, that they know how to answer the technical questions, show them how to approach/talk to “dudes”.”

    And while they’re at it, they can wear the Ms. Bikewrench shirts I created in my Road Friction store…

    Though I’m not sure why people would be hesitant to talk to women about warranties.

  3. Motivation and heroes:

    I want to be as gnarly as my girlfriend Lisa Cramton on a bike.

    I just tried to catch up with Ethan Passant riding through the Cochetopa country in the Great divide Race in my car and totally missed him, He was peddling on to Del Norte with out my cheers…

    I am just happy cruse-in through the wildflowers on the trails.

  4. I’m not sure if this counts as someone in the “cycling community”, but I went bicycling today with a man that is like a grandfather to me. He is trying to get into bicycling because his son has Parkinson’s and he wants to surprise this son by showing up at a Parkinson’s Fundraiser ride with a bicycle. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what it is.

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