Introductions and Questions: Tech Tuesday

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Kids Fix Bikes

Kids Fix Bikes
With the wild success of Motivational Monday, and a ton of “tech” questions rolling in to our email what is a better way than to have a tech clinic day each week?!?!

Starting next week we will be starting to have a tech article every Tuesday. This could be steps to changing a flat, how to tighten a stem, what tubeless means, etc etc. For this to work, I need to hear from you. What tech questions do you want answered?

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5 Comments on “Introductions and Questions: Tech Tuesday”

  1. 1. With all the different chain lubes out there, what are they all for and what is the bottom line on choosing and using the right one(s)?

    2. What are the most important bike maintenance tasks that we can do ourselves and which tasks are best scheduled for the shop to do? Specifically, for full suspension mtbs.

    THANK YOU Bike Shop Girl!

    1. 1) In my opinion any lube will work for ones needs. Whether it’s lubing your chain, cables or any moving parts that doesn’t require bearing grease. Yes, some lubes are better then others but, I just use what’s on hand.

      2) You can do anything, if you believe in your abilities. I would suggest for front fork and rear shock rebuilding, those components should be taken to a local shop. For anything else, it just takes a bit of know-how and confidence. The net is full of know-how…you supply the confidence 🙂

      Good Luck.

  2. I would love to see articles on why to upgrade components. What’s the benefit? I know weight is one, but when folks saw a bike has better components what does that mean. I’m not talking about reviews or SRAM vs. Shiman, more why do I need Ultegra vs. Deore or X7 vs X5…….or however, the hierarchy of parts go – strong chance I have at least one of those backwards.

  3. I’m always interested in the unusual fix, the work-around, the emergency on the road repair where things have to be improvised. For example, I was super-impressed one day when a buddy of mine used a dollar bill to temporarily repair a tire’s blown-out sidewall.

  4. For me, I really need to learn more about headsets and bottom brackets.

    Headset: Best way to tighten (step by step).

    Bottom brackets: external bearings, pulling and greasing, etc.

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