Salsa Casseroll Commuter Bike

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Salsa Casseroll Commuter Bike

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  1. I had expected a June 2011 review to be relevant to the 2011 Salsa Casseroll, but it isn’t.

    That the reviewed bike has an internally geared hub and swept upright handlebar completely changes the nature of the bike. Even the frame is irrelevant to the 2011 model as this Mustard Yellow one does not have the cantilever brakes that the new one has, and is restricted to 32mm tires rather than the 38mm.

    This is especially important for use in icy weather for the new model can mount 35mm studded tires. At least in theory.

    1. Bruce,

      I have reviewed this bike in many places over the years. The post you wrote on is not a review…and yes the new 2011 Casseroll is a completely revamp! I hope to have one in my hands soon for a review.

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