Win a Bike Light – Motivational Monday with Georgena Terry

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Georgena Terry

Light & Motion Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you motivated and to be striving on the bike even during a hard week or long hours at work. Are you a woman that bicycles? Fill out this easy form and be part of our motivational movement!

This month’s Motivational Monday posts are brought to you by one of my personal favorites, Light & Motion. Between now and the end of June, Light & Motion wants to know who or what in the cycling community motivates  you. All you have to do us leave a comment here or on Light & Motions’ Facebook page. At the end of the month we’ll be choosing one lucky winner to score a brand new VIS 360 commuter light!

One of the best known women within the cycling industry, Georgena Terry has created an amazing company with one goal : Get more women on bikes!  I’ve been over the years that she has taken the time to reply to every email, question and thought as I’ve tried to learn and become a better leader within women of the bike life.

Georgena Terry

What is your first memory of cycling?

Wobbling around the backyard on my red Schwinn girl’s bike.

Who in the current cycling industry inspires you?

Two women: Jacquie Phelan, the queen of mountain biking and Natalie Ramsland, of Sweet Pea Bicycles.

What are the biggest marketing motives in 2011? Or.. what are some motivating factors for Terry Bicycles in 2011?

1. Get more women riding.
We aim to do this through innovative new social media efforts, expansion of our product line and increasing our involvement in event sponsorship like the Wild Goose Chase, Little Red Riding Hood, MS150 and other benefit rides.

2. Revitalize the Terry brand.
We’re introducing a new identity complete with tagline: the original women’s bicycling company; a new approach to catalog merchandising that focuses on cycling themes; full custom apparel prints that are modern and fashion forward; new saddle graphics across the entire saddle line; expanded line of bicycles in steel and aluminum at the widest variety of price points we’ve had in years.

3. Expand our customer communications.
We’ve historically used our catalog as the primary means of reaching our customers. For 2011, we will be shifting our marketing dollars from catalog to web, introducing a new online effort designed to attract a broad range of females who are currently unfamiliar with the Terry brand.

With how large the cycling market is these days, at the end of the day what are the three main points that make Terry stand apart?

1. We’re still the only brand dedicated 100% to designing solutions to every aspect of a female cyclist’s life.

2. We design for all female riders and consequently have products that are suitable from 18 to 80, in sizes 2 to 22.

3. We have me, the woman who pioneered this industry, leading it all.

Terry Bicycles have a great podcast series going on, how long has it been around and what were the motives when you started it?

For about 4 years. I started it because I thought it would be a cool thing to do.

3 Comments on “Win a Bike Light – Motivational Monday with Georgena Terry”

  1. Who inspires me,

    Its a tough one I’m fortunate enough to know some seriously good girl bike riders. But as much as I love those guys and cant wait to ride with them.

    The person who has more Bike Love than I have ever seen in a rider is Kiera Mcvitty…. I get my ass handed to me on the club run every week by a 14 year old girl. But its awesome to see a youngster attacking everything she can on the bike including the men and she blows them out the back door….AWESOME 🙂
    With her enthusiasm for the sport rubbing off on me I’ve started using rollers and for the first time in my life I can ride my road bike no hands. I’m building to no hands one foot like Kiera can!

    Her love of the bike is infectious to the point that she has convinced me to compete in the coming cyclo-cross season

    Being 16 years my junior her maturity about races exceeds her years, she is like a mini oracle full of useful advice when it comes to racing and training.

    Kiera demonstrates every ride just how much fun you can have on a bike.

    I relish the opportunity to get out and ride my bike with the youth section of our club not only are most of them faster than me, but the ride becomes so much fun, the competition is still there but I frequently find myself belly laughing at the things they say.

    Ridding with youth riders has motivated me to set up a blog and get more girls on bikes back home in the UK.

    Check out my mini motivator at

    Mand Ski

  2. My motivation comes from seeing girl friends get on a bike for the first time since they were young; now trying to remember how to ride again… and at the end of the ride seeing their faces knowing that they had a blast again after all these years. (I was one of those women last year and now I’m trying to motivate more friends to ride!) Ride On!!

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