#30daysofBiking Day 2: The First Commute

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I mentioned over this weekend my goal of getting back in to commuting.  To try commuting for the first time since my accident in October.  That is a super long time to be off the commuting habit!  This past Monday was Day 2 of the 30 days of biking, a great day to try bike commuting. What better day then today?

A 6 mile ride to Davidson, NC, then an hour long bus ride, and then the mile to work from the bus station.  The mile through Charlotte was my worry, stupid ass drivers cutting me off and putting the fear of death in me.  One commute in, work and then it was time to ride home.   The ride home was going to be the kicker, this is the time I was hit.  I had to ride THROUGH the intersection, I had to pass my skid mark.    I made it through, freaking out the whole way.

There is so much for me to write to get the feelings and thoughts out but now isn’t the time and I’m not there yet.  I commuted again today (Day 3 of 30days) and will be writing up the experience in the morning.   There is still a good amount of mental milage to make up and I hope I’m strong enough to do it.

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  1. Ryan
    5 May ’11 at 9:11 am — Reply

    I went through a very similar experience recently. Got hit last fall and ended up with a broke collarbone. Was off the bike for a while and once I was back on I had to ride through that same intersection every day. It’s still on my mind every time I take that route. Does the bus you take allows bikes on or does it have a bike rack? Some days of the week I have a longer commute and have been looking for a way to take my bike on the train. Been looking at these full size folding bikes as an option:

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