Questions for Users of Cycling Power

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As I dive deeper into training and coaching, the question of power always comes up.  What have I used, why have I used it, and so on…. As I’m researching more to decide on purchases in the future, or recommendations for friends I have questions for you.

How many of you own a power capturing device? (Garmin, SRM, Power Tap, Quark, Polar)

Which brand do you favor, and why?

How valuable is the data?

Did you buy from a bike shop or online?  Was it worth the purchase price? What is missing from Power that you want to see – and what’s the future look like?

2 Comments on “Questions for Users of Cycling Power”

  1. I use the kurt kinetic wireless computer for its wattage calculator. It is only accurate while on the kurt road machine trainer yet all other functions are solid on the road including elevation, gradient, cadence, temp, HOUR etc.
    I am not at a level where monitoring my normalized power while racing is important, so my data interpretation is most useful when doing interval workouts on the trainer… And after a month and a half of using watts to gage my intervals v.s. Heart rate (which this unit does too) I have noticed the two biggest improvements in my fitness to date.
    Only one complaint, not ANT+ or any other way to upload the data to a computer.

  2. I use a PowerTap SL+ wireless powermeter with a Joule 2 headunit.
    It is a test unit from Peaksware, so I favor it! 😉 It works seamlessly and Saris gives great support…just had it rebuilt and re-warrantied.
    The data is like GOLD! I work with a coach that has me on a power-based training protocol, so the data is direct feedback. and WKO+ translate it into how fit, fresh and trained I am. Great questions, Arleigh!

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