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26 Apr ’11 Comments (3) Blog, Recently Spotted

Cyclelogical Booth at 2011 Sea Otter Classic

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Warm, inviting, and cozy are not words you associate with booths at the Sea Otter Classic.  To be able to make people feel welcome, even kids and women, it is a great compliment! A quick peek in photos of the Cyclelogical Gear booth.

Cycelogical Sea Otter

Hangers made out of rims, spokes and shrader valves.

Cycelogical Sea Otter

Cycelogical Sea Otter

Cyclelogical Sea Otter

3 Responses to Cyclelogical Booth at 2011 Sea Otter Classic

  1. Greg Heil says:

    I bought a t-shirt and a bag for my wife from these guys… I’m totally digging their products!

  2. George B says:

    Were those wheelbags at the bottom of the rack of t-shirts?

  3. Anna says:

    I love the Cyclelogical crew! Smart people making smart gear.

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