Progress is Motivation

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Cycling Workout

It is amazing to me how much encouragement you can provide yourself, when you allow it.   As I’ve talked about, I’m slowly trying to get back in to the swing of a healthy, full, life.  This includes eating well, exercising, setting a routine and sticking to it.   Daily, I’m waking up and setting forth to really change and change how I am living.

After two weeks of sticking to a routine, exercising and eating healthy I’m seeing changes.  Physically, on the scale, running longer and feeling stronger when cycling.  The scale doesn’t lie and it feels good! It also feels good to lift larger weights or pedal up that hill without sucking breath.

Keep At It

If you are doing things for the right reason and in a healthy way, you will see change.  Are you listening? Please do.   At this time of the year many people are dusting off their bikes and finally throwing their legs over their bike the first time this year.   They pedal off, and unless they rode the trainer or kept up in shape over the winter (and holidays,) they are going to feel it on that first hill.   Maybe your pants feel too tight, or you feel like an outsider anytime you visit that gym you have a yearly membership to.  My advice to you is as simple as this: Keep At It

You’ll learn your way around the gym, what machines you like or what times to go, you’ll start saying hi to more people and look forward to visiting instead of feeling awkward.  You’ll start pedaling easier, and your bike will need a tune-up for using it, instead of a check over for sitting in the garage. And an extra benefit is your clothes will fit better!!

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