Hiplok – A Better Wearable Lock

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I lived in Washington D.C and learned how to wear my bike lock (a Kryptonite chain lock) around my waist.   Sometimes it was heavy, but you got used to it.  Kryptonite was smart and put a cloth sleeve around it to prevent pinching and hard pain on your hips!

Now there is the Hiplok

How it works: (From Hiplok.com) Adjust the Hiplok around waist to a secure, comfortable tension as you would a normal belt or aircraft seat strap….

Hiplok How To

We found a discount on Hiplok

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  • Nathan says:

    Looks good. How’s the security compare to the Kryptonite line?

    Oh, you ought to fix your link – there’s no c. :)

    • Bike Shop Girl says:

      Thanks Nathan! I’m looking into security and trying to get one to “test” aka abuse

  • J Maxwell Radcliffe says:

    Plus, if someone *does* try to steal your bike you can beat them to a bloody pulp with it. Reminds me of the guy about ten years ago who was selling a course in using U-Locks as a marital art. Called it “Lockfighting(tm).” Really.

    • Bike Shop Girl says:

      R –

      Thank you for the humorous reply. Now please go spend time with your wife.

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