6 Hours of Warrior Creek Race Prep

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Warrior Creek

I haven’t been on the bike enough during the pre-season to consider myself “in training.”  Riding and working out were a priority, but so was getting used to eating differently, lacrosse games and life!   The past couple months I am proud the direction my cycling riding and can say that I am starting to feel that cycling is back as part of my life like it was prior to my bike accident in October.

Training and prep work done for Warrior Creek wasn’t as swell as I had hoped.  The weekends I hoped to pre-ride the course, or simply ride in the mountains it was either snowing or pouring down rain.   There is no pre-ride of the course until the first lap this Saturday, there is no checking tire selection, pressure or single speed gear.   Everything I would recommend an individual to do before a race, won’t be happening this time around.  With all these negative thoughts I can tell you I am excited and glad to be part of a duo team!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Since Saturday it has been raining in the region, today (Tuesday) will be the only sunny and dry day that we see.   The radar states that weather will be foul the rest of the week.  The day before the race will be light rain, my hopes is it is light rain in the morning with a ton of sunshine!  Race day it says to be sunny with a high of 54º but in the hills of the Appalachians this could change within 20º at any given day.

Pit Support

With a duo team the key will be cleaning off the bikes between laps and keeping our spirits high.  That is where our fabulous pit crew comes in!

Kimberlee WelsandShelley Childers

Kimberlee (the girl in green on the left photo) and Shelley (right photo) will be in charge of entertainment, freeing the bike from mud, feeding and other random needs or wants that come down the trail.

Other Needs

Come Friday I’ll be changing my front tire to a Maxxis Ignitor for mud clearance, adding a down tube fender, and finding 4-5 pairs of my long finger gloves for when they get muddy.  Nutrition will be next on the things to go over…

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