Windburned Cycling Legs

Windburned Legs

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Today was foretasted as a beautiful days, at its peak it was meant to hit 55º and be the gorgeous Carolina Blue skies that I love dearly!  When I left my house this morning at 8am, it wasn’t close to 55º and I would bet it was closer to 20º in the shade.

Why am I telling you all this?

Never Under Dress on Your Bicycle

My upper body was warm, I decided to wear a long sleeve jersey and my team thermal wind-stop jacket.   I didn’t wear long pants, nor warm gloves figuring that knee warmers and tall wool socks plus long fingered gloves would cut it.

It didn’t. 3/4 through the ride my right foot was numb and my legs had the burn of the cold.  I didn’t complain, I did go slower but I didn’t complain to my riding partners.

As I entered the shower, I didn’t realize how cold I really was.  I looked down at my bare naked legs and could see exactly the areas that my knee warmers or socks didn’t cover.   There was a 3″ line between my socks and knee warmers and again around my hip area that looked like a sunburn, and god did it hurt when the warm water hit it.  I quickly shout out for a camera from my girlfriend to take a picture of my legs.    I didn’t need to hurry her as the lines are still there 6 hours later.

Windburned Cycling LegsWindburned Cycling Legs

I’ve never done this one before, and I can promise you I never will again.

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  1. Yikes Bike Shop Girl!

    I went out on my bike at 9:30am today (first time in over 4 weeks, thanks to stinkin snow). It was about 30 degrees. I was wearing layers, day-glo orange jacket, jeans, boots, pop-top mittens, ear band. (Basically ski stuff.) I kicked myself for not taking a cowl. My chin was numb and red when I got back.

    Get yourself some clothes! You can always stop and peel stuff off.

    Hope it heals quickly.

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