Go Ride Your Bike Today

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A post over at Kent’s Bike Blog reminded me of a simple thing that all of the readers will probably agree to, bike rides are awesome.   You don’t have to go for an epic ride,  or get geared up in spandex.   Often all we need in life is to get on the bike and pedal for a short while, you’ll come back nice and recharged for the day.

Did You Ride Today?

Tell us about your bike ride, take a photo of your bike, share your story with us!   If you are on Flickr add it to our group, if you are on Facebook add it to our wall, Tweet it or simply leave a comment below.

Personally, I’ll be riding at lunch today.  It will be time to de-stress and move forward into the weekend.

2 Comments on “Go Ride Your Bike Today”

  1. Hey BSG,
    My wife and I made plans to ride this last Sunday when out of the blue her daughter asked “Can I go too?” Up until now she had no interest in cycling. So we said sure and took her out 20 miles. Despite a brutal head wind she made it the whole way and said she enjoyed it.

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