Yesterday was a glorious day to get out on your bike.   Sitting around 60º at 2pm I hit one of our local trail systems to Charlotte, NC.  The trails are located in Lake Norman State Park and normally referred to as “Lake Norman.”   There are three different loops that require next to no technical skills in order to ride.  All three loops add up to 17.5 miles so it makes for a decent day on the bike if you do one or two circuits of the trails.    Yesterday, my goal was to hit two of the loops for 11 easy miles.

My Riding is Off

There are some days that things don’t align for you on the bike, sometimes its your health and sometimes its your nerves.   Half way due to having the flu last week, and half way due to not trusting my natural reflects I was fighting myself for the first 5 miles.   My pedals would turn over well, I didn’t trust my tire pressure, I went too slow through rooty areas that require speed.   I walked away with a great ride and glad I went, but wondering how long it will be until I find my legs and head again.

Riding Plan for the Week

Today, recover from the weekend and stretch a good amount.  Oh yes, it is Valentine’s Day!  Tomorrow and Wednesday, most likely mountain bike ride after work.  Thursday and Friday, 1 hour road ride during lunch.

What are your plans for the week?


  1. Let’s see: to follow up on road rides last Sat and Sun, I’ll do another road ride at lunchtime today, then probably a day off tomorrow. On the road mid-day on Wednesday and maybe Thursday depending on the weather, and maybe the bus-bike commute on Friday. Maybe next weekend, trying to fit a 50-60 mile ride in around my daughter’s birthday party and pre-actual birthday activities. Nothing special, just building up miles in the legs. (And I want to drive the Polar Bear Metric Century route to refresh my memory–without the snow–so I can start riding it occasionally.)

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