Race Promoters Use Video for Pre-Race

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Speedway Cyclocrossapalooza

Tomorrow is my second race of the season and other than being nervous, changing gearing on the single speed cyclocross bike, I am a bit fearful since I’ve never ridden this course.  Being a single speed rider I really like to have ridden the course prior either on a geared bike in another race or pre-riding the course a couple days prior.   I didn’t have the luxury of doing so this race.

Course Preview on Video

The promoters of the race, Speedway Cyclocrossapalooza, heard my cry and pre-drove/walked the course with a helmet cam. The video is long at well over 7 minutes and boring for those not racing, but for those signed up and not able to visit until the day of the race it was well worth the 10 minutes it took this promoter to do his race justice.

Race Promoters What are Your Perks?

The promoters that go above and beyond, with either food, hospitality or pre-race updates create events that you want to return to but also drag a friend along with.  The race this weekend is $20, has hot showers, a heated spectator tent and other benefits.    The promoter also has updated Facebook and their website what seems daily with course previews, terrain and course conditions.   What do you do? Why would I want to come race your race?

3 Comments on “Race Promoters Use Video for Pre-Race”

  1. Use the biggest gear you are comfortable riding – the climbing is not too bad, but there is enough long flat stuff that it will be easy to spin out.

    Thanks a ton for the promotion! Hope you can make it out to our 2nd Annual Women’s Cyclocross Clinic on Oct 8.


    1. Hey Andrew, I’ll be in the twin six kit tomorrow (single speed in the CX4 women) make sure to say hi!

  2. Thanks a ton for coming out – sorry the only words we had were when I asked you what time the next race was happening.

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