Introducing em:pwr cycling

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empwr cycling kit

We mentioned a Bike Shop Girl cycling team for 2011 and with much discussion, planning and “crayon on napkin” design we are ready to reveal!

Welcome to em:pwr cycling

empwr cycling kit

Yes, this is the team for all teams. If you are a sponsored rider or a recreational cyclist we are for you.

em:pwr cycling. em:pwr yourself. em:pwr others.

Our mission is simple, empowering ourselves and others to get on a bicycle to ride or to go faster and smarter on that bicycle. We aren’t elitist (even though some of us are fast), we will ring the cowbell for any and all cyclist. Creating a global community of like minded cyclist, and creating a portal to find knowledge or motivation to go that much further by bicycle!

Are We Preaching to the Choir?

If you are reading this you love bikes or have some interest in them. We are creating a force across the land that will bridge the gaps of beginners, women, children, men or fans.

Join Us!

Leave a comment below with an email address or email us at to get on the list.

27 Comments on “Introducing em:pwr cycling”

  1. This sounds like a team I could get behind! And I mean behind — I’m a really slow rider, but I ride 10-12 miles almost every day.

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  3. Impressed, excited, and feeling more empowered just considering this act. Thanks and I want in = πŸ™‚

    1. Kudus to the hot pink comment. Pink is for boys. When we stop creating our own image as less than men (read pink here) we will truly begin to be on an equal playing field. Let’s em:pwr ourselves right out of that stereotypical pink marketing machine. Read powder blue here and sage/mint green, lavender too. As a woman built company that produces high performance bicycles for all people, I keep the men’s rack “over ther in the back somewhere” and pink is prohibited from being in, on, or around the shop.

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  5. I work in a bike shop and LOVE to take out newbies in their first road bike (off the clock) Would be nice to have a ladies group that’s for EVERYONE.

  6. I just found your site and I really like the content and the tone. Need a Canadian on your team? (Sure you do!). Thanks!

  7. Love it, love it, love it! The kit is just beautiful, as well as making an “em-phatic” statement. Right on!

  8. SOOOOOO I’ve tip toed this line for a while and am ready to go for it! I think what you’re doing is fabulous! I can’t wait to be involved on and off the bike! I’ll be placing my order and proud to be part of this group!

  9. Sounds totally interesting. Would be glad to get info about the team. I am fairly new to bicycling.

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