First Race of 2011 : DFL

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NC Cyclocross

This morning I attended my first cyclocross race of the year, and notably the first one in over a year and a half. There were two goals going into my women’s CX4 race, first was to finish and the second was not to be lapped.  Going into the race I wasn’t too sure of the latter, I knew I could pedal around slowly for 30 minutes but to keep in front of all the other ladies is another story.

Prep Work and Bicycle Builds

Never build a bicycle days before a race without being able to ride it, never make major changes like gearing or tires with out being able to test ride.  I tell this to every client and I’m telling this to you, are you listening?  Well, I don’t listen to myself.  I built my Raleigh singlespeed on Thursday, test rode on Friday.   The gearing was way too tough, and so I changed the gearing on Friday night (the night before my race.)

Singlespeed Cyclocross am I Crazy?

This will be a follow up article, but you need to know the basics – I love riding single speed and very excited to expand on riding it in cyclocross races.

Go Time at the Races

I warmed up in a thick windstopper jacket and jeans over my bibs and knee warmers.   It was cold, not as cold as Minneapolis but it was cold and I haven’t been riding outside to be broken in.  When the sun was shining and the wind wasn’t blowing, it was bearable but when the wind blew and the sun went behind the clouds – it was HORRID.  One jacket was dropped at the finish line, and my jeans with other jacket were stripped off at the start line.   Then it was go time.

The race was basic, I started at the back, ended at the back and was passed by a great amount of the juniors then lapped by the guys in the single speed class.   I didn’t want to do my last lap, I was within 45 seconds of being lapped at the finish line but thankfully a good friend was there to push me along.


Achieving what I set out to, not pulling off before the last lap, pounding on the pedals or walking up the hills.  I’m proud.  After the last three months and what has happened, I’m proud of myself and motivated.   This is the perfect way to kick off the season and I can’t wait until the next race in 8 days!

5 Comments on “First Race of 2011 : DFL”

  1. Cyclocross is such a butt kicker. I use to race it a lot and it’s amazing how much you can suffer in 30 min! I found Plyometrics to really help my training b/c I am not a runner.


  2. Thanks so much for encouraging me to make it to this race. Without your asking if I had registered in your texts and e-mails, I would’ve missed out on a really fun first CX race of the year. Before Sunday, I had no desire to race in Salisbury, but now, It’ll be a high priority on my race calendar every season!

  3. Joey: Are you racing at N. Wilkesboro this weekend? If you do, look me (and Arleigh, who has also signed up…) up! I’ll be in the back of the Cat 4 race… George

    1. Sorry, I had to work yesterday. My current employment situation allows for one weekend race a month; I’m hoping maybe next season I’ll have every weekend off.

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