New Years Resolution

2011 Cycling Resolutions

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My resolutions were simple, and parallel much of my 2011 season list we touched on last week.  I want to make a keynote that I want to know your resolutions and how we can make each other accountable for them!

Drum Roll Please

  • Start riding on the road
  • Start actively riding 3+ times a week
  • Fill in the other days with working out and yoga
  • Start racing as much as financially possible
  • Give up coffee and coke, none/zero/nada!

Breaking It Down

At the end of the day I want to make myself, sponsors and friends proud.

About the Author

Bike Shop Girl has over 12 years of bicycle industry experience and hands on knowledge. Hoping to empower women and others on the bike so they too can feel the freedom and power that two wheels can give someone.


  1. 1. Ride over 6000 miles and just to get my math geek going make it a prime number just like 2011 (lots of choices: 6007, 6011, 6029, 6037, 6043, 6047, 6053, 6067, 6073, 6079, 6089, 6091)

    2. Ride a century every month

    3. Commute at least 150 days

  2. We had a family goal of biking more miles than we drove in 2010 — missed it by less than 1,000 miles. Bike = 9972, car = 10,867. We’ll try again in 2011.

    My personal goal was 7500 — missed that by just about the amount we missed the family goal. So I’ll shoot for that again in 2011 as well.

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