My resolutions were simple, and parallel much of my 2011 season list we touched on last week.  I want to make a keynote that I want to know your resolutions and how we can make each other accountable for them!

Drum Roll Please

  • Start riding on the road
  • Start actively riding 3+ times a week
  • Fill in the other days with working out and yoga
  • Start racing as much as financially possible
  • Give up coffee and coke, none/zero/nada!

Breaking It Down

At the end of the day I want to make myself, sponsors and friends proud.


  1. 1. Ride over 6000 miles and just to get my math geek going make it a prime number just like 2011 (lots of choices: 6007, 6011, 6029, 6037, 6043, 6047, 6053, 6067, 6073, 6079, 6089, 6091)

    2. Ride a century every month

    3. Commute at least 150 days

  2. We had a family goal of biking more miles than we drove in 2010 — missed it by less than 1,000 miles. Bike = 9972, car = 10,867. We’ll try again in 2011.

    My personal goal was 7500 — missed that by just about the amount we missed the family goal. So I’ll shoot for that again in 2011 as well.

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