#YouCanRide, Thank You All

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I wanted to thank all of you for the overwhelming response to my last post. I’m still trying to find the soul to ride out on the road, or even ride as much as I was before. It has seemed the more I think about riding, the less riding I do!

Barb Chamberlain Barb wrote a beautiful post and started a #hashtag encouraging me to ride again, and wow – I still don’t know what to say.  It is always amazing what connections social media and the internet develops over the years.   I’ve only spoken to Barb a couple times via Twitter, and she took the time to really send love and encouragement my way.

The soul image was found at Yale Drama Coalition. The photo of Barb is from her Twitter.

3 Comments on “#YouCanRide, Thank You All”

  1. Hi there, Bike Shop Girl! I actually did go out last Sunday and start a ride in your honor (in response to Barb’s call to arms), but it was wicked cold, so I bagged it after only three miles. I’m planning to try it again this weekend, though. So know that I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. I have been hit… I have been hurt… but I never felt any grand psychological scars that kept me off the bike

    I returned a bit tentative
    and well
    my current riding style may be based off lessons learned

    take your time
    get your head right

    then get back on the bike

    be smart
    be safe

    and if it is cars that cause you anxiety
    then start of building comfort for the bike again by riding in the woods and then also on the multi use bike trails

    take care
    heal up
    and stay in touch

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