Virtually “Checking In”

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I wanted to write everyone and say thank you again, and to also note that I’ve been taking a mental break away from blogging and cycling thoughts. My hope of this is to come back refreshed with a cleaner vision of how I’m going to go forward with cycling in my life. I love the sport, the people that are within it and how I have touched everyone of my readers.

Here’s to a couple weeks away from the blog, and forward momentum of Bike Shop Girl!

About the Author

Bike Shop Girl has over 12 years of bicycle industry experience and hands on knowledge. Hoping to empower women and others on the bike so they too can feel the freedom and power that two wheels can give someone.


  1. I’m looking forward to good things following your return.


  2. Take care! Here’s to a new year and recharged internal batteries.

  3. We all need mental breaks. Usually they are forced on us. Take care and I’m glad you’re back :)

  4. All in good time. You’ll know when you’re ready. In the mean time, savor your rest and the opportunity to plan for a new day.

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