Bike Shop Girl | Planning the 2011 Season
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Planning the 2011 Season

Planning the 2011 Season

It is easy to say that 2010 for me was one of changes, mental rearranging and finding my footing in the end.  I have many hopes going into 2011 for life and more specific cycling.  Some of my goals are more basic than others but by mid 2011 I hope to have my feet under me going forward quickly!

A Rough Sketch of 2011 Cycling Season

There are other key notes for the 2011 season

#1 Losing Weight

Putting down the Krispe Kreme donutes, putting down the fork after a serving, drinking less “frappe-latte-caramel-whip” coffee’s. Drinking more water, packing more lunches and potentially tracking calories

#2 Hitting the Gym

Rising at 5am, getting in the car and off to the gym.  Atleast 3 days a week, if not more

#3 Riding the Trainer

This will be the hardest, but I plan on riding the trainer during the week atleast 30 minutes to an hour a day

#4 Getting Back on the Road

Finding a couple slower group rides, or dragging out my girlfriend into the cold.  I need to get back on the road, I need to for my soul.

#5 Commuting

Gulp.   I need to get back on the horse, and now with a new announcement of being a “sponsored commuter” I’m going to have to get on that horse!!

Things Unspoken

There are other thoughts and feelings in the back of my mind.   Goals that aren’t said. Maybe I’ll race on the road again. Maybe I’ll make that yoga class at lunch during the week. Maybe just maybe, 2011 will be a year of progress and reformation.

  • Robin Bylenga
    Posted at 13:13h, 25 December Reply

    Add to your “to do” list:

    6. Go to Greenville and visit Pedal Chic (and go on a ride with me)…!

    Cheers to a great 2011!


  • Barb Chamberlain
    Posted at 15:53h, 25 December Reply

    You go girl!

    Yoga is a great balance (just a little yoga humor there) for biking. It stretches things that biking contracts, opens up your breathing, helps with upper-body strength (although since you mountain bike you may get the chance to build a little more of that than those of us on road bikes & pavement), and gives you a great centering space for moving meditation without having to be aware of your surroundings the way you have to on a bike.

    Take care & happy holidays to you & yours. #youcanride in 2011 :D.


  • Deb
    Posted at 18:49h, 25 December Reply

    Sounds great! What is the “sponsored commuter” thing about?

    Good luck with all your racing. Racing has never been my thing, but if you like it and it gets you moving, sounds like a good thing for you!

    I think that, with your unsaid goals, and your stated hope that 2011 will be a year of progress and reformation…if that’s what you want, that’s what it will be.

  • Chris
    Posted at 17:30h, 26 December Reply

    Great Goals!!

    In Northern VA our club Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts (MORE) suggested a riding plan called Trail Rat where you plan to ride all 28 trail systems in our area. Our area includes VA, DC and MD so some trails are close, some are not, but it will be fun to get out of our comfort zone of riding the same few trails every weekend and see some others.


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