Did Santa Bring You Something for Cycling?

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As the holidays are winding down and people are getting home for travels, or heading out on their own version I want to see what everyone received for the holidays!

My Presents for the Holiday

Now, I don’t believe I received any bicycle related holiday gifts. Unless the awesome $8 tshirt from Target counts?   I did receive many great gifts and most of them can’t hang a price on.

Your Turn!

6 Comments on “Did Santa Bring You Something for Cycling?”

  1. Santa brought me a new commuter bike! (Specialized Crosstrail) Well, technically my insurance company brought it to replace my stolen one, but hey, I rode it on Christmas so it FELT like Santa brought it!

  2. I only had 1 present under the tree Christmas morning. But it was by far, the coolest present I have ever recieved, seen or even heard of. ***Drum roll pleas***
    A black “28” Radioshack jersey. Bought for me months ago, and successfully kept a secret.

  3. Tanya – A commuter bike eh? You need to take pictures!

    John H – that is a great Christmas gift!!!!!!!

  4. I did get a set of hex wrenches (lots of sizes from bout 2mm to 10mm), with color coded T-handles. I already know that the yellow one is the go to 5 mm. I used then to tune up my son’s bike and moving my commuter stuff to a different frame.

  5. I was given a 1985 Panasonic steel lugged 14 speed bike to restore. The Sugarplum ferries dancing in my head (ha!) have now been replaced by dreams of turning this bike into a retro/modern touring bike.

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