Pedal Savvy Bike Fashion Show

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Fritz over at posted some great photos from the Pedal Savvy Fashion Show on November 6th, 2010. It’s good to see cycling fashionable elsewhere in the country and the whole “bike fashion show” idea taking off over the past couple years.

The biggest unfortunate of events like the above is the hipster appeal.   It is exciting to see “normal” looking people on bikes but they always seem to be young and have the American Apparel/Anthropologie feel to them.  Where’s the grandmother riding to the library?  Why does stylish in the bike industry currently mean being a hipster in tight pants?

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  1. I see your point, and respect your opinion but I also just wanted to let this be known.

    I never wear tights pants, Ive never shopped at anthropology nor american apparel and I am not a gramma and I do go to libraries on a monthly basis. Enough with the steryotypes, most of these companies are small businesses and a large part are ran by women. The show is also ran by a woman, and she rides all over the city and bay area.
    Having a show that is more on the normal side, not showing skin skinny models or 15K fast bikes – seems pretty progressive to me and a sign of the times. All models ride San Francisco on a daily basis and not 3 blocks to go buy a burrito. We were not paid and this required most of the day to be at the expo. Our biking mom and dad and “older” riders cant really sustainably just be hangin out for 10 hours being part of this hipster event.

    c/s la meligrosa from the blogs: bikes and the city & change your life. ride a bike!
    -both blogs are ran by women who ride and are far from hipsters.

    1. Meligrosa

      I understand, and I hoped by starting out the post by saying that “I’m glad to see more of these fashion shows across the country” would help curb my feelings. Not everyone can afford the cost of the high end cycling clothing, nor the ability to wear “street” clothes as the distance they are traveling is too great. There are more everyday people out there riding bikes than hipsters or kids in college.

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