Feedback Needed

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Let’s cut to the chase :

  • I was hit by a car
  • My life perspective has changed
  • I sold Commute By Bike
  • Trying to mountain bike more
  • Adding more spin on marketing and social media, what I do for an honest living

In efforts to keep things more stream line in my life I’m looking to my readers for input.  I’ve been posting as an outlet and recovery strictly on, talking bikes, builds and marketing.   As my life is mostly those three things I’m looking to you all for feedback if you would be okay with marketing, SEO and daily life about 25% on BSG if it meant my content would be 100% of the time on BSG?

Give me feedback so I can turn my energy back to you all.

3 Comments on “Feedback Needed”

  1. I’ve begun to follow both – like your writing, find it all interesting, but could see it may be easier on you to have all in more or less one page/place. I’d vote for all here.

  2. Yeah, I’m totally in favor of your putting it all under BSG. I think that no matter what you’re talking about, it will still have a cycling vibe. It’s in you and there is no way of shaking it, so even if you aren’t posting about bikes, the cycling feel will still come through. Plus you’ll be able to share some of your other wisdom as well.


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