Attempting a Vlog for Bike Shop Girl

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I’m working out the kinks to do the weekly vlog again.   A few different goals for these:

  1. What to wear, or random tip on the go
  2. What’s on review
  3. Mail bag questions

Here’s a rough spot of an idea.  Working out audio, and on the go ability to make it a smoother job to work. Feedback and feelings please.

3 Comments on “Attempting a Vlog for Bike Shop Girl”

  1. Working on audio…. I don’t hear any at all so is that what you’re working on?

    Is it slightly funny or slightly creepy that I think I once owned that same bedspread? This is probably a handy place for you to set up but a more bike-y background would be awesome.

    I’m one of those who gets really impatient with video because I can read faster than anyone should talk. I’d recommend an accompanying transcript or at least a Readers’ Digest version (which also gives you nice searchable text on the page).

    Good luck. I’d like to try some video myself so I’ll watch this (really) with interest.


  2. Loved! Made me smile & laugh — my 2 fav things. Entertaining & informative (even for a non-biker like me. Am fortunate if I get outside & push the stroller twice a week :). Look forward to more!

  3. Hello! My question is whether you have discovered any boots or shoe covers that keep your feet warm while biking in winter. The same with gloves, although I’m closer to a solution there. I’m trying to keep going with my bike commute this winter, but have been experiencing cold toes & fingers even on milder days like today. I’m considering the purchase of the shoe covers they sell at REI, but want to know if they are worthwhile before shelling out the funds.

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