I was hit by a car on Friday

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I’m not really ready to post too many details, it is easier to tell you to read my Twitter feed for details.

Trying to mentally wrap my head around it.
Full story.. Read my Twitter feed @bikeshopgirlcom

8 Comments on “I was hit by a car on Friday”

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  3. A few friday’s have come and gone and I haven’t seen any new posts. Hope your doing okay after your accident BikeshopGirl. Brian V

  4. I read through your tweet stream to see how you’re doing and didn’t spot a recent update–hope you’re doing better!

    I said this on Twitter but wanted to say it at a little more length, in response to your tweet that said “Bicycling, commuting & encouraging others to do the same is my life. I was just hurt badly by that lifestyle..not sure how to swallow that.”

    We’ve just had another collision in the town where I live (Spokane, WA). A cyclist heading downhill with the right-of-way collided with a car that pulled out from a stop sign. It’s a classic failure-to-yield on the part of the driver but the initial reports, because they said the cyclist hit the vehicle, made it sound as if it was the rider’s fault.

    With each of these I get more passionate about two things i tried to pack into 140 characters in my tweets to you (and you’ve had an experience I’ve never had, knock on wood, so I don’t want to sound preachy when I know you’re in the choir).

    1) The word “accident” someone used above does NOT apply when someone is in error. (The someone could be the cyclist, too, but obviously wasn’t in your case or the young man in Spokane.)

    “Accident” means “no one could have done anything to prevent this from happening.”

    When a driver doesn’t see a cyclist, that is preventable–if the driver looks again, is one who is aware that bikes are on the road, drives mindfully, doesn’t text, isn’t reaching for a Big Gulp or fiddling with the radio station….

    Ditto for the cyclist who’s looking down to adjust the fitting on a shoe, sneaking up on the right side of a car into the driver’s blind spot, or anything else.

    Let’s all ban the word “accident” from our vocabulary except when it truly applies. It’s a collision or a crash or an impact when a driver hits you but it’s not an accident.

    2) If something does happen it’s not because you bike! You could be in a vehicle/vehicle collision, a vehicle/pedestrian collision, a lightning strike or an earthquake. Your choice to bike didn’t create the situation–the driver’s behavior did.

    Yes, being on a bike creates greater vulnerability to injury than if you’d been in another car, and you’re more visible to drivers in a car because that’s what they’re used to. The more riders on the road, though, the fewer collisions, as you’ll see in data from New York City as they add many miles of bike lanes and more people ride.

    I hope you don’t stop riding once you feel better and can get back on two wheels. Thinking of you.


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