Riyoko Urban Bikewear with Style

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It seems that Riyoka has heard my call of need for clothing to wear on the bike, and into work.

Company Bio

Riyoko: ree-yo-ko v. to travel in Japanese.
“Biking allows you the freedom to get from point a to b on your own energy and focus. It allows you the freedom to take and create your own path and discover new things along the way…”

At riyoko we create and build stylish, comfortable and functional bike attire with the biker and their moving environment in mind. Each collection is made with at least 25% environmentally sustainable, recycled or reclaimed fabric. Every piece is made with 100% love.

riyoko urban bikewear is created by fashion designer and urban biker, Kristi Woo, who formed the company in August 2008

4 Comments on “Riyoko Urban Bikewear with Style”

  1. Riyoko with the pronunciation the clothing company gives “ree yoko” is a Japanese girl’s name. To travel is ryokoo, but that ryo- thing is kinda hard for most Americans to pronounce, so I can understand the respelling.

    So anyway, weird useless trivia for the day.

    1. Weird yes, what is weirder is I pulled that straight from the companies website.

      I will refer to you for all help in Japanese

    2. Hi there,

      Krist from riyoko urban bikewear here ~ Yup, it is indeed a girl’s name ~ and the way it is spelt in many ‘learning Japanese’ texts. Having lived abroad for a few years, ‘riyoko’ is how it was taught to me and was never corrected…until I met a Japanese buyer at Interbike~ so while the spelling will change in terms of meaning in my mission statement, I will keep the spelling ‘riyoko’ for my company name, as it is already known and for pronunciation sake ~ and I will addend the description on the website asap ~<3

      yoroshiku onagaishimasu

      Vive le Velo ~<3


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