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Customer Service : Bike Shop Failure

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Last week I attempted to purchase a lock at the shop down the street from work. Prior to riding down to the shop and wasting a lunch hour I first tried to message them on twitter, following it up with an email to the owner asking what type of locks they had. Quickly, the owner responded but I can honestly say his email didn’t lead me to wanting to purchase a lock from them. “We have a mixed bag of random locks (eleven81, Surelock, Kryponite, etc.). Nothing all that exciting but hey there are locks. Those Knog locks sure look interesting.”

Really, that’s supposed to make me want to purchase a lock from your shop?
Customer Service FailAfter this response I hoped online to a few different websites and within minutes I was live chatting, instant messaged, and utilized onsite contact forms to email the exact question above. Four different websites replied to me within 20 minutes with QUESTIONS and FEEDBACK to my question.

  • Where will you be locking up your bike?
  • Do both of your wheels of QR (quick releases)?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Do you have anything to carry your lock in or on?

My purpose on this is not to rip on my local bike shop, nor is it to encourage you to buy online, but instead I’m doing it in hopes that bike shops will open their eyes. There is a level of customer service that every business needs to put in to play, and to realize that there are 100 other retailers, if not more because of the internet, that want our business.

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