Bike Profile of the Week from Renaissance Bicycles

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An on going series from our friends at Renaissance Bicycles bring us unique bike builds to inspire everyone.

Barbara’s Rivendell Betty Foy was built for daily commutes, medium distance rides on local bike paths, and as a means to further enjoy cycling with her husband, Bernie.  Her Betty Foy has a lot of the “traditional” components and accessories that are popular with Rivendells; Nitto stem and bars with matching Nitto racks, Brooks saddle, Honjo fenders and Sugino cranks.  The drivetrain and hubs are Shimano.  Paul’s Thumbies make for simple shifting, and the plump Grand Bois Hetres are super smooth.  Small touches like a brass bell and kickstand make it practical for daily riding.

The full details of the bike spec can be found over here.

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