Ontario Attorney General Runs Over Bicycle Messenger

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A friend and also Bike Shop Girl Supporter, RedSonia, sent over this information.  Frustration and sadness comes over on my emotions.

“My first music video is up on Youtube and Vimeo at www.youtube.com/redsonia and www.vimeo.com/sunnyd. The song is called “Apparently (Al Sheppard)” and it’s about my friend who was killed by the former Ontario Attorney General, Michael Bryant, and how wack the “justice” system is. I’m cutting and pasting the press release below.

Please support this video, and let your friends and friends of friends know. We’d just like to see this video cross the globe and have everyone get the message out about Al. God knows, it could have been me that encountered that crazy road-raging politician and had my life dragged through the muck by the media.

Thanks for all your support through the years. I hope you like the video. The song can be downloaded for FREE at http://sunnyd.bandcamp.com too. It’s for people to share liberally.”

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  1. Bike Girl,
    I’m kind of surprised you posted this. It happened in my neighbourhood, blocks from my house, and yes it was shocking.
    But it also involved an highly aggressive bicyclist and the initial, very shocking reports about the driver’s speed etc were disproven.
    There was very much wrong with the case, and it was a terrible death, but it isn’t the tale of an innocent cyclist and an evil lawyer. I think this representation is false, biased and not helpful, especially for a city like Toronto where cyclists and motorists are becoming increasingly polarized on the road rather than working towards sharing them safely.

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