Shimano Alfine and Velocity Halo Dyad
Shimano Alfine and Velocity Halo Dyad

A set of wheels are in for review and in the midst of getting installed on the famous Salsa Casseroll.   Utilizing a Shimano Alfine groupset I have been piecing together in the past 6 months, and the new Velocity Dyad Halo reflective rims.

The wheels and review are also based all around the Shimano Alfine groupset, as I’ve been interested in internally geared hubs (IGH) since trying the Civia Loring with SRAM i-Motion.  Combine the IGH and a Dynamo front hub for a motion powered front light.

Once my new Surly “Open Bar” and Salsa stem arrive for the bike, it will be ready to rock and roll.


  1. Been riding/commuting on this very wheelset (from Handspun) for most of this season, flawless performance. Cant wait for next years Shimano 11 speed version of the Alfine hub. IG hubs will have a huge revival in the next 5-7 years. They work GREAT!

  2. i love your blog, big fan!
    id really love to be apart of your “friendly blogs” list if you are maybe interested in adding me/. that would be super awesome! thanks for having such a rad blog!

  3. Can’t find your review on the rims. Wondering if you ever posted it. Heard the rims aren’t really as reflective as they advertise, but would like to buy some if they work well to build up some commuter wheels. Any thoughts?

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