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July through September is an exciting time of the year for the bike industry.  July is one of the busiest months across the US for retailers, and right around the corner the next seasons product is budding to be released.

One of the first releases out on the wire are the new Trek Bikes line of women’s road bikes called Lexa.

Trek Lexa $689.99

Compared to the Trek 1.1 unisex bike, this bike is all aluminum (including the fork) with 8 speed drivetrain and compact cranks.

Trek Lexa S $899.99

Compared to the Trek 1.2, carbon fork and 9 speed drivetrain.

Trek Lexa SL $1099.99

Compared to the Trek 1.5 with 9 speed Tiagra and carbon fork.  Available in compact or triple.

Trek Lexa SLX $1319.99

10 speed shifting, hydro-formed frame and a higher end aluminum bike.


  1. Just bought the Lexa in black/white with red accents. Didn’t realize until I picked the bike up tonight that inside the forks are red/white flower patterns. Looks awesome! Something that you can’t see in the picture. Not a fan of red, but it is not over-done on the bike, and it has a shimmer to it.

    • In what part of the world were you able to get hold of a Lexa already? Trek mentions this is an all new platform. I can only guess this means they lengthened the headtube. Can you please comment on how it fits compared to the 2009 and 2010 WSD road bikes from Trek. Thanks!

    • I tried to send an email to girly@bikeshopgirl.com but I keep getting failure notice =/

      This is what I sent, any thoughts will be highly appreciated!

      Hi Arleigh,
      I ran across your website while I was searching for a Trek Lexa 1.2 bike and I figured who better than you to give me some advice and much needed knowledge! See, I am just starting to get into the whole cycling thing; my boyfriend has been doing road biking and mount biking for a couple of years now, he sold his road bike and kept the mt one, I know cycling is a great sport and good way to get in shape, plus it gives us something in common to do and enjoy while getting in shape too, right now I have only been doing some spinning at the gym, I know it doesn’t compare with actual road biking but I think it will help once I get out there. Anyways, long story short I went to our local bike store to get some opinion on what I should buy, keep in mind I am just starting and I have no experience, the guy showed me the Trek Lexa 1.2 50 and the Specialized Dolce? 51 (i think that was the name), I felt more comfortable with the Trek, but not so much with the price
      $940 for a 2011, I know I shouldn’t be spending that much money with my first bike (I still have to get my shoes, clothing, etc). Do you have any recommendations on what brand I should look for? I am thinking on buying something used and from past years, I wouldn’t want to spend more than $600 dlls and I was trying to find an older version of the Trek Lexa 1.2 but I couldn’t find anything, so I don’t know if these are brand new styles or if there’s anything out there than can resemble to that one. I saw the list you have on your blog “Girl Friendly Bicycle Companies”, but I am sooo confused about all the styles. Can you enlighten me a little and help me decide on what I should get… ?
      Thank you so much! I hope to hear back from you soon,

    • Hi Eliza!

      We have a full size run of the entire Lexa series now in stock here in the UK. Check your local Trek dealer, and see what they have on the floor.

  2. i. love. my. trek. lexa.

    i ordered it online. showed up. i called the local bike shop and they were going to charge 80 dollars to put it together but i found out it only takes a 4mm allen wrench to assemble thing. so i did. needless to say it rides great, no problemos.

    and one could say that i am satisfied costumer. fa sho.

    i would recomend this bike you. so go buy one. now.

  3. Any commments on the Trek Lexa seriers? For example, happy with gearing products being they are low end Shimano? Anyone experiencing problems? What about the crank and the amount of gears? Any problems going up hills or keeping up with cyclists with higher end products?

    • Char – To update you, I’ve emailed all my contacts at Trek and haven’t heard back.

    • Hi… I have recently purchased a Trek Lexa (my first serious bike!!) and overall am very happy with it. However, I do have a problem with the front gear switch… configured for 3 gears, but there are only actually 2 gear cogs. so when I try to change gears it jams. My local bike specialist can do nothing to help so have written to Trek for support. It’s just something to be aware of. Otherwise it’s a great bike (although I did change the seat at the time of purchasing – way too uncomfortable!)

  4. I bought a used Lexa S (compact crank) a couple of months ago from a couple who decided they didn’t like road riding after all. I LOVE it! Granted, the bike I had been riding is a 20 year old Trek 520, but she can still rock & roll. My Lexa is such a different feel. Now the only time I ride my old bike is when my daughter is riding my new bike. I’m about to buy a used Lexa for her as well.

  5. I’m looking to purchase a road bike, my first!, and am hoping to get into Triathalons. I test rode the various Lexa models, well the first three, and am debating which to purchase. I’ve ruled out the base Lexa model, since at my local store the Lexa S is on sale, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it to spend the extra money on the SL. Any advice??

    • Sarah,

      What are your goals for riding? How often will you be riding? Do you have anyone to ride with to get into it?

      Often if you are riding 1-2 times per week the 2nd step up is good. Anymore than that, upgrade or you’ll wear things out quickly!

  6. Hi, I am a beginner about to buy my first bike. Trying to decide between Lexa SLX or Dolce Elite SRAM Apex. Have found lots of good reviews on Lexa, no reviews at all on Dolce. Any thoughts?

  7. Hi,
    I am a beginner about to buy my first road bike. I would like to complete the Ride to Conquer Cancer in June 2013. What bike would you recommend?

    Thank you.

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