Let’s be honest, gloves are odd.  I’ve always been a fan of the basic long finger mountain bike glove. Everyday, on road or mountain, I wore them.   Then about two months ago I was sent a pair of Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Pittards Glove.  Things changed, the first was I quickly became P.R.O. by wearing them.  Kidding aside these gloves are very simple, but very technical with the fabric.  The version I’ve been wearing have no gel or padding so they aren’t for those people that need padding.

Pearl Izumi P.R.O Pittard Glove

How the Pittards Glove Feel

Pun intended, they fit like a glove.  This guys pull on very tightly using elastic on either side of the glove, but a note there is no adjustable velcro strap for tightly pulling your gloves together.  The Pittards material is very soft and, yet, durable. Adding a good amount of grip or traction to your hand and bar.

Pros and Cons

The glove is very comfortable and wraps around you hand wonderfully.  I really enjoy the fit of the glove, often forgetting they are on.  Colors are great, not too girly but have a great flare to them.

Some of my con’s are covered within the P.R.O. Pittards Gel Glove, to add a great amount of padding.  The glove doesn’t have a ton of that terry cloth “sweat wipe” on the glove, although it does have some.  The very last issue with these gloves are taking them off.  Even with their fancy finger pulls, when your hands are sweaty, these gloves do not want to be pulled off.

Final Thoughts

Would I buy these gloves?  Yes, I plan on purchasing the long finger pair, Veer,
for more use.

P.R.O Pittards WS Glove Online

This product was given to me at no charge for reviewing.  I was not paid or bribed to give this review and it will have my honest opinion or thoughts through out.


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