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Bike Storage Options

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As everyone’s bike collection begins or grows the way you store your bikes also needs to begin or grow.  Throwing your new investment into your garage, leaned up against your car or lawn mower, isn’t the way to keep it safe or in good condition.

Methods of Bike Storage

Bike Rack

Bike Parking Rack
Bike Parking Rack

As most people have used a bike rack at a library or school yard they are very familiar with the system you see above.  A standard bike rack, which come in various amounts of slots for each rear wheel of the bike.

Pro’s : Easy for everyone to use
Con’s : Bikes can lean over and possibly falling over.


Delta Wall Rack
Delta Wall Rack

These are a commonly found in garages, or storage rooms where you can drill into your studs.  There are two common ways you see these used:  Either hanging one in a stud and placing a wheel (front or rear, make sure they are tight!) The bike then hangs vertically down the wall or stud.  Another method is to space two so both wheels can be hooked and the bike will hang upside down off the ceiling.

Pro’s : Get’s your bike more out of the way than the above bike rack.
Con’s : Require power tools and a wall that you don’t mind drilling into.

Bike Stands

Delta Gravity Storage
Delta Gravity Storage

Topeak Two-Touch Bike Stand
Topeak Two-Touch Bike Stand

In the bike storage arena, the most popular are various types of stands.  There are ones that lean against your walls, tension against your ceiling and floor or simply keep your bike upright on the floor.

Pro’s : Normally easy to setup, portable, cost effective
Con’s : Figuring which one to chose

What Do You Use?

Turning the floor to you all, tell me what you use or better yet – send us photos!

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  1. 28 Jul ’10 at 7:36 pm — Reply

    I made a rack out of PVC pipe.

  2. Richard
    29 Jul ’10 at 5:08 am — Reply

    a $6 wall rack for the best bike,hung high enough to allow another bike to be parked under it. Kickstands (I know, not cool, right?) on all the bikes – makes storage easier and flexible.

    & hooks in the ceiling for the “parts” bikes and ones that are yet to be put in working order.

    In my garage… a Trek Hybrid, a 80s Schwinn 3-speed, Trek mtn, Giant Mtn, 70s Schwinn tandem. A Target Schwinn hanging from the ceiling along with a Fuji Mtn bike that needs put in working order.

  3. Bob Baxter
    29 Jul ’10 at 8:57 am — Reply

    Bicycle tree from Harbor Freight

  4. 29 Jul ’10 at 12:37 pm — Reply

    We decided just to lean our bikes against the wall because the only bike stands that get really good reviews are too expensive. Many seem to be unsteady or poorly made (slippage, unbalanced, cheap parts), based on user reviews I have read. Would love to hear about a really good experience someone had with an affordable model.

  5. 2 Mar ’11 at 3:45 am — Reply

    I like when people are trying to challenge me, and I appreciate that you maintain a fairly active dialogue with your readers. Couldn’t agree any more. Your advice is great.

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