Bike Rides and Bike Shopping

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As I work in a bike shop day in and day out I have the blessing, sometimes the curse, to play with all the latest and greatest bike parts.  This adds a ton of complication to bike shopping for myself.  I’m able to help anyone that walks in the door, calls or emails to find their perfect bike but as my goals of cycling or life change, my bike wants do as well.

Test Ride

One thing I can’t recommend enough to anyone is test riding.  Suit up with your shoes and pedals, make sure your seat height is set right and take the bike for a short spin.  Take any guess work out of test riding the bikes, I’ll explain more of those details shortly.

In the Details

#1 make sure each bike is setup the same in the fit.  If your seat is too high or too low, you’ll feel that in the response of the bike.  From there, make sure to compare like bikes, like parts and even like wheels when you start looking at higher end bikes.  If you are price point shopping take the time to feel the difference in shifting, weight and any suspension difference.

What I’m Riding

Today I’m test riding the Cervelo R3 with Ultegra 6700 components.  This is a two fold test ride, the new Ultegra shifting and the Cervelo R3 frameset.  My goal for this is to find a new due all bicycle that won’t time out after a year of technology change.  Look for a recap on both of these products!

2 Comments on “Bike Rides and Bike Shopping”

  1. Looking forward to your review. I sure would love to have even half of the bike knowledge you have. I’m likely buying a new bike this fall and am hoping to find the ideal bike for me. I’m on a Trek Madone right now and not sure what I’ll go with next.


  2. I got myself a new bike last Christmas, and got my dog a Springer bike attachment so that we can both enjoy bike rides through our neighborhood! I got my bike attatchment from Springer America’s website at but it would be really cool if bike stores across the US would have Springer bike attatchments in stock so that people would be able to get both products in one trip! I know there are millions of bike riders out there just like me who also love their pups! So do you and your dog a favor by getting some great exercise on bike rides!

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