A Sombering Reminder

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A local cyclist, and customer, was hit on her bike not but 300 yards from where I daily commute.  It is a reminder to always have a blinky light on the back, bright colors and to pick your roads carefully.

A Davidson bicyclist was seriously injured on Sunday, July 4, when she was struck by an SUV while riding on Faith Road in Mount Mourne, just north of Davidson. She was in intensive care at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte on Monday with a fractured spine and punctured lung, but was “hanging in there,” her husband says.Julie Zimmerman, an avid runner and cyclist who lives in the McConnell neighborhood, was on a solo ride around 1 p.m. Sunday when the incident occurred.

Trooper M. Childres of the N.C. Highway Patrol said she was eastbound on Faith Road, which runs between N.C. 115 and Shearers Road. A driver in a Toyota Land Cruiser that was also eastbound came up behind Ms. Zimmerman and struck her, the trooper said.

From DavidsonNews.net

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  1. Horrible! My husband was hit in the same way, but escaped with only terrible bruising. He was also hit early afternoon on a Sunday. I don’t know how much a blinkie or bright(-er he was wearing bright red) clothes would help in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe at dusk or early morning. Other than towing a 8 foot neon sign that says “DON’T HIT ME” there’s only so much we can do to make ourselves visible, then at some point the responsibility falls to the car driver to PAY ATTENTION. No amount of neon makes up for a cell phone, kids in the backseat, changing the radio, etc.

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