Would You Go To a Skills Camp?

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While browsing over the Trek/Gary Fisher bikes I mentioned this morning, I came across the Trek Dirt Series.  These skills camps seem to be held all over the west coast & parts of Canada.  There are women’s only and co-ed versions.   My question goes back to the title of this post, would you goto a skills camp?

Around Charlotte There is the Dirt Divas

The local women’s mountain bike group, the Dirt Diva’s have a weekly group ride for various levels and a monthly skills clinic.  Several of these ladies have told me about a camp they would go to in Whistler for big hit skills.  I’m a chicken with no money or time to travel and learn how to jump off things.  My skills are earned, riding with friends, testing my insurance plan and well…growing some courage.

Over 5,000 Ultra-Satisfied Participants

The Trek Dirt Series claims to have 5,000 satisfied participants.  I wish I could see the demographics and travel time for their participants.  Would it be worth the travel/hassle and logistics?

Would You Go?

Do you love mountain biking and have a budget to play with? Would something like this excite you?

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  1. Janice in GA
    20 Jun ’10 at 6:59 am — Reply

    Back in the 90’s, Bicycling Magazine (I think) sponsored weekend skills workshops for road bikers/racer wannabees. I went to one in Greenville, SC. I’d always felt really comfortable on a bike, but I got to stretch myself and learn how to ride close/bump/push, pick up things off the bike, stop on a dime, etc.

    The only part I couldn’t hack was riding fast. I’ve always sucked at that.

    It was worth it to me then.

  2. Cathi
    20 Jun ’10 at 12:39 pm — Reply

    It depends. :) There are some I’d go to, but wouldn’t travel too far. Most likely NOT on the west coast. Length of drive would depend on the type of clinic, length (ie. if I’m driving a few hours, would expect more than 1 day)& location.

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