Why Don’t You Grow Some….

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As long as you have a humorous bone in your body, the following video should not offend you.  If you aren’t humorous I feel for you but the video is worth a look.  Guys, I’m sorry that you have a built in unbalance.

*This was very tongue in cheek, please take it all lightly.*

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Bike Shop Girl has over 12 years of bicycle industry experience and hands on knowledge. Hoping to empower women and others on the bike so they too can feel the freedom and power that two wheels can give someone.


  1. I have not just one, but TWO humerus bones in my body, and this was great.

  2. That is totally beyond awesome! It was already cool with just the pseudo-commercial, but the fake lawyer ad at the end clinched it. :D

  3. THAT is too funny!

  4. Nice video…thanks for finding it and sharing. I love it when people get creative and humorous and put out good stuff like that.


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