Talk of Triathlons

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If you live in United States and bicycle, there is a high chance you know about triathlons.  Maybe you’ve participated in one, have a friend who has or have been asked to do the bike portion of the triathlon.

This week we will talk about the basics to know of triathlons, motivation to continue your training and finally what to be prepared for in your first triathlon.

Before we start our series, let us know what you would like to know and what questions you may have!

2 Comments on “Talk of Triathlons”

  1. Which would you add first, running or swimming? Actually I am thinking of adding some better core work first with some exercises to balance the bike training. Then some running when the weather starts to cool off. Last some swimming as the days grow short (I have access to an indoor pool). Then ramp it all up next spring for a sprint tri.

  2. I’m training for a super sprint here in Winston-Salem and I’m curious about my options on what to wear during the race. As a beginner, I can’t see investing in tons of “gear” but don’t love the idea of running in a bathing suit either!

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