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While live in Asheville, NC there seemed to be a issue of rubbing hole into my cycling shorts.   We road every day after work, rain or shine and the sand/rain combo would rub straight through a pair of good shorts.  This is when I started wearing the Enduro Women’s Hummvee short, they lasted and fit very, very, well.

Enduro has continued to push their women’s clothing line, some of my eye catchers are below.  Slowly, the US is starting to pick up more dealers, encourage your local bike shop to try a new line.  Especially if you are into mountain biking!

Eye Catcher Clothing

Baa Baa Merino Skip Beanie
MSRP : $39.99

Stylish, and will keep you warm those early mornings.  This style of beanie with front visor has been popping up in the snow and skate styles for the past couple years. Bring it in to the cycling one, too.

Rapido S/S EnduroRapido S/S Shirt
MSRP : $59.99

Reflective hits, great colorways, and a very affordable price.  It is very rare to see CoolMax at this price point.

Helium Enduro JacketHelium Jacket
MSRP: $139.99

How often do you see a waterproof, breathable, jacket for under $200?  Not too often, especially one that doesn’t look like a trash bag.

Lightweight, simple and a great fit.

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  1. Have you tried on their baggies? What’s the fit like? I am wary of companies that sell women’s shorts without providing a hip and a waist measurement.

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