Triathlons are an amazing sport to set a goal for, keep your training varied and there are several short tri’s that anyone with basic athletic or active body can complete.  Across the country women’s only triathlon events are picking up full steam.  Locally, we have the Rambling Rose Series.  This series quickly sells out and is a great attraction to those women simply trying to finish their first tri or testing out this new sport.  The distances are short : 250 yard swim, 9 mile bike and 2 mile run.

How Does It Work?

Traditionally triathlons consist of swimming, biking and running.  There are also the times between each of these sections, called transition. If you look at the order things are done they work as so :

Swim, Transition 1 or called T1(running from water, getting bike and accessories, running with bike out of transition area,) Bike, Transition 2 or called T2 (running from beginning of transition area, racking your bike and getting running accessories,) and finally the run.

Where to Start?

You’ll need the basics to start training, a place to swim, a bike and basic accessories to get you started like a helmet and run shoes.  If you are completely new and have anxiety about any particular event, it will be well worth it to find a coach or instructor.  Finding a good swim instructor, cycling coach or maybe a triathlon specific coach that can do all three.

Other Options

There are several distance of triathlons and they aren’t all the same.  The best one to start with is a short sprint with a pool swim, the alternative is open water swims which are hard to conquer for your very first triathlon. Another great option is a relay team, where up to 3 people (one for each event) can finish the triathlon as one team.

Going Forward

We will talk about the basic things to purchase to help your triathlon experience go smoothly, how to set up your transition areas and how to stay motivated during training.

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