Losing Those Last Extra Pounds? Try commuting

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It is a known fact that as we age it is harder to keep the weight off.  Not only are our own bodies changing and making it more difficult, but as well as limited time and more responsibilities.   It was much easier in school, or a younger age to go for a run, make a healthy dinner or join a sports team.

Lee said women should not let the findings discourage them from exercising at all, but they may want to make small changes now to prevent later weight gain.

“I think the easiest thing is actually commuting,” she said, suggesting people walk or bike to work, and if they drive, to park farther away from the office.

If seven hours a week are just too hard to fit in, Lee said people might want to consider vigorous exercise such as jogging, which can cut the weekly time requirement in half.

Originally found at Reuters

Several years ago, I learned that choosing my bike for errands would help keep the extra pounds off.  This habit also keeps me happier at work and my brain fresh.  I’m not a member of the gym and save a decent amount of money in gas and auto expenses.  Normally, this money is fed back to the cycling habit but its a healthy habit I plan on keeping for another 10 years.

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2 Comments on “Losing Those Last Extra Pounds? Try commuting”

  1. This is great advice. It is impressive to look at the general shape of people – even middle aged and older folks – in countries with high levels of active transportation (walking and biking). You don’t see the levels of obesity that we have in the US.


    I agree that regular commuting is a wonderful way to get people to find a regular half hour or hour in their day for bikes, but is is very difficult to get people to try. I find a lot of people are convinced it is too dangerous to attempt, so they immediately block it out.

  2. 100% agreed. I commute about 7.5 miles each way to work. Since I’ve started, my mind has been so much sharper at work. I am more productive, and generally in a better mood.

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