Eye Protection : A Friendly Reminder

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This morning I was reminded quickly into my ride why I wear eyeglasses at all time, either sunglasses or normal, to see, glasses.  A large bee hit right smack in the middle of my glass lense.  If I didn’t have them on, the bee would of been in my eye. Can you say ouch?!

Several years ago I started wearing glasses all the time, especially in the bike shop.  Flying bits, tubeless tire setups and various other reasons have lead me to believe it is always better to be safe than with a large piece of metal in your eyeball.

With many affordable eyewear options, Tifosi and Ryder are two that come to mind.  Maybe not as high end of a lenses as Oakley but are affordable and easily found at your local bike shop.

Pick up an option that fits your face well, doesn’t fog and either has various lens color options or purchase a couple different ones that have different tints. $30 is a lot cheaper than the lose of your eyes.

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