Velo News Pro Rider Diary : Amber Neben

0 Flares 0 Flares × has a pretty amazing run down of their monthly Pro Rider Diary’s.   From the big names of Jeremy Powers, Michael Barry, and Ted King.  They recently added a woman, Amber Neben.   With only one article up so far, I’m excited to keep on top of what this World Champion and Olympian is doing.

How do you describe what it feels like to prepare so hard for something, to dedicate so much to something and then lose the opportunity to even try to see it through? The immediate loss of opportunity, whether that was trying to do well in the Giro or helping Team USA in the world championship road race, hurt.I remember lying on the ground after hitting that barrier and thinking about how hard I had worked to get myself back from the previous crash — the details, the focus, the fight. It always takes a lot to come back, but I had managed to do it. And now, there I was again, lying on the ground in excruciating pain, waiting for the ambulance while the race went up the road. The interesting thing was that the huge disappointment of not being able to finish hurt more than my high-energy fracture — and believe me, that hurt.

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