2,000 Nude Cyclist

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There has been the naked bicycle rides and events but I believe this photographer set the standards a tad bit higher than I’ve seen done before. Dozens of women posed naked on their bicycles on a bridge over one of … Read More

Velo News Pro Rider Diary : Amber Neben

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VeloNews.com has a pretty amazing run down of their monthly Pro Rider Diary’s.   From the big names of Jeremy Powers, Michael Barry, and Ted King.  They recently added a woman, Amber Neben.   With only one article up so far, I’m … Read More

Introducing Rapha’s Womens Line

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Rapha, the fine company that makes the clothing threads of many cyclist “lust list.”  You pray a pretty penny for their clothing, but it will delivery over and over again compared to some of those other main stream brands.  Their … Read More

Quick Podcast : Q&A with Team Vera Bradley

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Tonight I’m going to sit on a Q&A panel with Alison Powers, Robin Farina and Kristin Sanders.  I’ll be taking some video, photos and audio to bring you guys.[podcast]http://bikeshopgirl.com/podcast/BSG-VeraBradley.mp3[/podcast] What would you like to ask these women? Let me know … Read More

Podcast Episode #1 : US Made Bikes and Parts

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[podcast]http://bikeshopgirl.com/podcast/BSG-Episode1.mp3[/podcast]http://bikeshopgirl.com/podcast/BSG-Episode1.mp3 Take a listen to Episode #1 : US Made Bikes and Parts. In this podcast I talk about when or why I buy US made products, a couple big names still making in the US, as well as linking … Read More