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On the Burner : Upcoming on Bike Shop Girl

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There are many things going on at Bike Shop Girl and Commute By Bike.  A quick run down for all of the readers, and potential readers so you can look forward to many things.

  • – Yours truly will be covering various cycling events for, targeting the Commuting and Utility Cycling market.
  • Podcast, videos/audio – Working out the kinks to have some reviews and thoughts via video and audio podcast.
  • Interviews – we have several influential women I am working with for interviews to inspire and motivate you.
  • Road trips - I’ll be going to the Handmade Bicycle Show the end of February and many races this spring.
  • Product Reviews - Continuing to cover the latest and greatest product out there for you

Thank you all for a great first few months and we will continue to be your resource for getting women on their bike.

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