Grease Monkey Wipe Review : Video

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I crafted up a video to show how the Grease Monkey Wipes work. My hands were greasy from a pretty thick layer of grime after I cleaned cyclocross drivetrain.  The total clean time was 1 minute and 18 seconds, which out on the road with a little towel isn’t bad.  It left my hands feeling close to perfectly clean and grease free.

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Bike Shop Girl has over 12 years of bicycle industry experience and hands on knowledge. Hoping to empower women and others on the bike so they too can feel the freedom and power that two wheels can give someone.


  1. Grease Monkey Wipes | AXI
    15 Jan ’10 - 9:15 pm

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  3. I do the exact same thing with baby wipes in a plasticbag. Wouldn’t use them on the kids, but they sure get that oil and grease off my hands in a jiff.

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